Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Miracle of Birth

What an amazing treat my daughter and I had yesterday evening. We got to watch our cat give birth to her very first (and last!) litter of kittens! I agreed to the one litter so she (and my son, although he didn't really hang around too close for the birthin'!) could experience up close and personal the whole wonderment of life. The most precious moment of the whole experience (which lasted about 2-3 hours) was when the first kitten was born. Have you ever just been so "filled up" with emotion that you just kinda lose it? Emily was just that filled up when she saw the first kitten! She just fell to the floor laughing and giggling and was truly a joyful moment. Her wonder and joy at what she had just seen was palpable. Here's a pic, though it so weakly conveys the moment.
Emily overjoyed at the birth!
Midnight Falcon (my 13 year old son picked the name; we shorten it to Falcon.) wound up having 5 beautiful little babies; 3 black like her and two orange. It was the calmest birth; in fact she birthed one or two of them and we didn't even know until we saw her licking them! She is proving to be an amazing mommy; she's so gentle with them AND she totally allows us to be with them as well. I had read that some "mommy-cats" will get aggresive and not let you near their young; I was so hoping that wouldn't be the case as it would so ruin the experience for Emily. I should have know better, though; Emily has so gentled her and won her trust that Falcon welcomes the attention. Emily has a true gift for nurturing; be it with animals or humans!
So, all in all it was an experience I will never forget! It's also a bonding memory that my Emily and I will have FOREVER! Thank You, Heavenly Father, for Your precious gifts to us.
Falcon and her babies

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