Friday, May 13, 2011

Shabbat Shalom (almost!)

So, it's almost Shabbat/Sabbath...well, it's still about 6 hours away but you can't blame a girl for trying to rush a good thing! I look forward to Shabbat ALL WEEK LONG...really. My family just started observing Shabbat about 4 years ago and I sometimes wonder how we ever did without it.

What is this "Shabbat" I speak of? Here is a great page to learn more about Shabbat. Now, before you ask, no, I do not do EVERYthing on this list EVERY week. Having not grown up observing Shabbat it has been something that my husband and I have had to "learn as we go" and we find ourselves being prompted by the Heavenly Father from time to time to either add things or drop things. I do love to read/hear about how other families observe it to gather ideas! I will personally testify though, that as information is given and put into practice more information is given. It's just one of the many ways I've found the Father to least in my experience.

So, Shabbat Shalom (a peaceful Sabbath) to you and yours! I'll be "unplugged" until sundown tomorrow.

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