Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Never Ending Card

These things are just so fun! Fun to make, fun to give. I LOVE watching people's faces when they receive them. I've yet to see anyone hold one and play with it and NOT smile. And making people smile is kinda what I live for so these cards are RIGHT up my alley.

Here's one I made for a dear friend's birthday this past week. Actually she's WAY more than a friend...she's my adopted big sister, my mentor, my encourager, my advice giver, my "who I'd like to be when I grow up" friend. I hope each one of you have one of those!

Like I said on my last post, still photos just don't do these cards justice. Maybe next time I'll have figured out how to upload videos to this little blog!

So far, on the two I've made I've just added patterned paper and then embellished. I think the next one I make I might try using stamps and paint to decorate with instead of PP. Just a thought...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I'm heading into the craft room for some fun right now!

The front
Inside view
Another inside view

Envie I made to hold it.

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