Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Little Craftiness...and a Youtube plug

So, it's been a while since I posted anything "crafty". It's not that I haven't BEEN crafting, I just have a really old camera and the whole "take the picture, upload the picture, edit the picture, put the picture on blog" process is not very easy. BUT, my daughter (REALLY, what would we do without our children?!) recently purchased an iPOD with saved up birthday and holiday $$ and boy can that little thing take pictures! The pictures are WAY clearer than with my old camera and upload is a breeze! She'd been wanting one for quite a while and I had been quite adament about talking her out of it; I just didn't get the hype. (first sign you've crossed over and become an "adult"...not getting the new techy-hype!) Now I want one of MY OWN! That little sliver of goodness can do SO MUCH! But for now, she's still young enough that she doesn't mind sharing with Mama so my pocketbook can breathe a sigh of relief. (for now.)
So, on to the crafts! (and pictures)

Here is a picture of one of those never ending cards...have you seen one??? You GOTTA see one! They are A.MA.ZING!!! The picture really won't do it justice 'cause it's an interactive card so once you finish reading this blog post (you wouldn't run out on me, would you?) pop over to this youtube video by Christie and she'll show you all how to do it. It's SO easy and you will amaze your friends. Trust me. I went to a church picnic last week and took this very girlfriends couldn't keep their hands off it! It's really a card to play with over and over and over.

Another awesome project I found on youtube...wait, let's take a moment here and pause for a commercial on youtube.

I mean, is it just me, or has your craftiness gone up a notch since discovering all the "this is how you do it" videos on youtube??!! Things I could never dream of creating before are popping out left and right around my craftroom now! I watch an awesome video at night before going to bed, dream about the possibilities and then the next morning it's, WHAM, BAM, thank you MA'AM...I've created something! It really is totally cool.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.
So, here's the other's a mini album (sooooooo getting addicted to these!) made completely out of cardstock. I knowwwww, right??!! Who doesn't have a stash of cardstock AND even the beginner crafter can slap some adhesive on, fold some cardstock and attach together. And WA-LA, you, too, can have a mini album just that FAST! Here's the totally awesome youtube video I found for this project. The crafter's name in the video is Loretta and she explains the project SO WELL! I'm not always the best at measuring and seeing how a finished project was put together but she breaks it down step by step beautifully! Thanks, Loretta!  

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  1. Yea I'll allways share something with you mom.


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