Monday, May 7, 2012

NSD 2012 Wrap-Up with BIG News!

So, NSD 2012 went NOTHING like I planned and I couldn't be happier!

I had mentioned in my last post how pumped up I was to participate in the MyPinkStamper NSD event just like I did last year; well, turns out that although her DT did have a blog hop on Saturday the event was nothing like last year. She wasn't involved, no hourly hoo. I had planned a big Mommy/Daughter day with Emily involving all sorts of crafty fun and it was beginning to look like we were on our own. I decided to do a quick google search for "NSD 2012 Event" and after a little surfing around landed at I have had an account there for a couple of years but had forgotten about it. Boy, am I glad I "found" them again! They had the most exciting, well organized, SUPER fun NSD event planned! There were hourly challenges, HUGE prize giveaways, lots of chatter, did I mention HUGE prize giveaways?! Emily and I were back in business. We were so happy to have somewhere to play along and some fun ladies to craft with. BUT IT GETS BETTER!

I was one of the randomly selected winners in the second challenge!!! Oh my goodness, the screaming and jumping around that ensued. I think we scared my hubby and son to death. They came running from the other end of the house wondering what all the ruckus was about. It was so exciting!!! After we finally got ourselves calmed down we started in on the next hourly challenge. GUESS WHAT? Emily was randomly selected as a winner in that challenge!!!!!! Are you kidding me??!!! We nearly died when we saw her name on the computer screen in the list. And the boys were scared before?! We nearly broke their eardrums this time! Oh, yeah...remember I mentioned HUGE prize giveaways??? Each prize pack given away contains product valued at $175!!! To say we can't wait to get our prizes is an understatement! We shall be stalking our postman this week!

NSD 2012 will definitely go down as one of the funnest days we've had EVER! And the fact that we won something was just icing on the cake!

Here are a couple pics of our projects from the challenges.

Emily's Spring Card for NSD 2012 Challenge #1
by Scrappinwithem

I'd love for you to come visit me at! You can view my entire gallery, watch some great videos, join a swap/'s a great community. I'm so glad to have found them again!


  1. That is so much fun! Congrats to you the hard part...waiting!

  2. Congrats on your NSBD win! I've won in years past and getting the package in the mail is always amazing!

  3. CONGRATS to you! Completely jealous! ;)



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