Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creativity STRIKES!

So, I wasn't in a particularly creative mood last night. Usually when this happens I'll surf a few youtube videos 'cause even when I'M not feeling creative I like watching people who ARE! I stumbled across this video for making the cutest mini photo wallet out of a SINGLE piece of 12x12 patterned paper. That's when I felt it...creativity STRUCK! Off to the craft room I went, located a piece of paper and got my CRAFT on! Here's the video I watched:
Aren't they the cutest things? And so LIGHTENING fast to make. If you pick an adorable PP, you hardly have to do any embellishing at all. I, however, couldn't turn OFF my creative MOJO so embellish away I did! 
Here are some pics of the one I made...I see more of these in my future! (at least one to my sister!)
The front cover

The inside

The back cover

Tags that are in front cover

Inside tags/photo mats

Tags from inside the front cover

Tag from inside back cover

Tags from back cover
 These little babies have so much storage room! You can include 8 tags/photo mats...using the front AND back of the tags that's room for 16 photos! This is a mini that packs a (storage) PUNCH
My favorite element of the whole project is the button I used on the front cover. It turned out looking like a doorknob! You can't really see it in the picture but it's darling in real life. The button was in one of the packages I won from during their NSD event. Finally breaking down and using some of my winnings!
Have a great crafty day!


  1. Awesome! I love little mini's they are so much fun to make and ideal for gifts.

  2. How cute is that?! Now I have to make one, thanks. LOL!

  3. So glad to be the "enabler", Melissa. Way too often I'm the "enablee"!!!
    Thanks for you comment!


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